Genders & masculinitys... what if men talked about it, amongst themselves ?

6 mars 2003 par intrigeri

Sexism, homophobism, hetero-normality, machismo, virility, these are words we have all heard at least once in our lives, if not many times more... often spoken by women, who particularly suffer the consequences.

Today, some men feel the need to talk about it, amongst themselves,

even if, obviously, it’s difficult
even if, maybe, it’s the first time
even if it scares us

This is why we wish to create a place where different discussions and exchanges could take place.

Different from aggressiveness
Different from competition
Different from seduction
Different from our mask of insensitivity

In short, some men would like to talk and listen to each other.

For this first event, we would like, randomly, to talk
about... how we have been built, like Legos
about... the way we communicate with each other
about... what frightens us in other men
about... why have I learned to play with GI-joes and not with Barbies
about... why am I inclined to prefer a drill to a broom ?
about... why must I always be successful ?
about... why am I not allowed to cry ?
and about... many other things !

So, if all this means something to you, it would be really nice if you joined us, in order to talk, laugh, have fun.

This event will begin at 7 p.m. with a buffet, to break the ice and get to know each other, after which we’ll try to evoke these topics, through song, video, various performances, words...

So bring your imagination, your cookies, your thoughts, your CDs for the surprise-party and your apron so we can clean up together at the end of the evening.

2003/03/21 - 19 p.m.
Autonomous & self-managed space - les Tanneries
bd de Chicago - dijonfrancearth
+33 3 80 66 64 81