Good reasons (still) to be a feminist

13 novembre 2005 par  Fées du logis

If you don’t know what to answer to the young and less young women that tell you without being ashamed : “No, I am not a feminist, I’m not against men.” Or “Feminism is useless anymore, we have equality now !” If sometimes you feel discouraged and you don’t know anymore why you’re a gender activist, Fées du logis (“good housewives” in French) give you some good reasons (more or less) serious to become or to stay a feminist. Thanks whom ? Thanks Fées du logis !

>Because when a child has to go to nursery, it’s “because Mom works”. And not because Mom AND Dad work.

>So that History teachers cease to say in class that in 1789 were created in France truth democracy and universal suffrage. Because even then the conditions for men were very strict (age, social status, etc.) and as far as we know women in Europe obtained the right to vote only during the 20th century.

>So that the same teachers may not answer to little feminists who object that “it’s a detail, the important thing is this wonderful principle of (masculine) universality”.

>Because the first mortality cause of women between 18 and 45 year old, before car accidents and cancer, is domestic violence.

>Because whatever people may say, women don’t have more than men the “ironing gene”.

>Because a man who cooks is a “chef” whereas a women who cooks is a woman.

>So men may stop to ask you kowingly if you are a “miss” or a “mrs”.

>Because I’m fed up with earing that “(dirty) bitch” is a compliment stating that you’re good in bed. And is "dirty whore" also a compliment ?

>So that people may stop to ask systematically to women involved in politics how they manage to combine political life and family life whereas men are never asked how they can combine three political mandates, a job and their family life.

>Because if you cannot find right away what is the trouble with the DVD player, the male next door cannot help saying that you must show him, HE will find what’s wrong.

>Because if you prefer to handle things by yourself, it’s not because you have a bad temper, it’s just that you’re not two year old anymore.

>So that people may stop asking to a girl who is upset : “Are you having your period ?” because she hasn’t, but I do, so what ?

>So that hair removal, shaving, etc. may not be a way to oppress women.

>Because two women who have a discussion don’t necessarily gossip.

>So that, when you’re filling up a form, the letter “M” shall not always come first. After all, “F” is first in the alphabet.

>So that when four girlfriends are walking in the street, there may not be a smart ass to ask us : “Hello, girls, you’re walking alone ?” Because no, we’re not alone, we’re four.


More reasons (in French) on the website of the Fées du logis.