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Launch of Politically Erect 2006
24 février 2006 par  Politically Erect

TOULOUSE (France) - You’ve never heard of post-queer fishermen ? Of anti-fascist transvestites ? Of feminists who make alterno-porno ? Of trans people who do direct action, and more star characters in this DVD of Politically Erect 2006 ? Well you’ll soon be able to remedy that by watching this collection of short films gathered in Toulouse- France, for the XXYZ.002, a Festival of Underground Queer D.I.Y. Films, started in 2005.

For more information on XXYZ, you can visit the festival’s website. For a copy of the DVD, don’t hesitate to contact us by email : collectifq@yahoo.fr

POLITICALLY ERECT 2006 is a follow-up to the DVD of the same name. It was released in 2005 and produced by Les Lucioles [www.leslucioles.org] and The Pink Panthers [www.lespantheresroses.org], two collectives out of Montréal, Québec.

The DVD is non-profit. We encourage its distribution for non-commercial events, for example benefit evenings, D.I.Y. film festivals and so on. We neither endorse nor condone private sale of the DVD.

The purpose of the Politically Erect project is to gather, without claiming to be exhaustive, video material borne out of radical queer activism and related movements : non conformist art, feminism in all its forms, gay shame, fluid genders and sexualities, anti-capitalism, alternative porn, sex-work, ecology, anti-consumerism, etc.

The project is intended to be decentralized, territorially unbound, and as a result, can be re-appropriated by anyone wishing to produce a new edition of it. Both the content and languages used are likely to vary from one compilation to another depending on the region the compilations come from.

If you’d like to announce any distribution, re-edition, new compilation, etc., you can let everyone know on the Politically Erect project’s site.


* "EN" for english language or no lyrics, and "FR" for french language

01- Helpline !_ 4:23 EN Production Joli(e) www.joliesworld.com

02- Gare aux trans’_ 3:50 FR Sans contrefaçon http://sans.contrefacon.free.fr

03- Love on the beach_ 2:10 EN Girls who like porno www.girlswholikeporno.com

04- J’trouve pas mon bleu [1er extrait] _ 6:30 FR ZYXX Prod www.transpedegouine.org

05- Tatoo girl_ 3:20 EN Tom de Pekin tomdepekin@free.fr

06- Corps raccords _ 15:00 FR Groupe d’Intervention Hétérophobe [GIH] collectifq@yahoo.fr

07- Zap Mercader _ 02:48 FR Groupe activiste trans’ http://transencolere.free.fr/

08- First class only _ 4:30 EN Oyé Production

09- Mentalitet : Marche des fiertés de Belgrade _ 5:11 EN Stefan Orlandic Stojanovski

10- War Arcarde Game _ 1:30 EN Pseudonyme Production www.benphilippi.com

11- Les plus belles phrases des mâles hétérosexuels_ 5:30 FR GIH www.transpedegouine.org

12- Faute de grive _ 6:40 FR frayshsanus@no-log.org

13- La bestia _ 2:16 EN Girls who like porno www.girlswholikeporno.com

14- Le doigt de Dieu ou la bite à Lacan _ 9:10 FR GAT http://bistouriouioui.free.fr/

15- Gender Trouble _ 4:00 EN Tom de Pekin tomdepekin@free.fr

16- J’trouve pas mon bleu [2e extrait] _ 4:33 FR

17- XX Boys _ 3 :56 FR GAT http://transencolere.free.fr/

18- Fantasia 21 _ 3:27 EN Girls who like porno www.girlswholikeporno.com

19- J’trouve pas mon bleu [3e extrait] _ 5:02 FR

TOTAL : 95 minutes


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